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<Nov 2014>


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Woodland Indian Arts Initiative Panel Meeting
The Wisconsin Arts Board will convene a panel of specialists to evaluate applications and recommend funding for organizations from around the state that have applied to the Arts Boardís Woodland Indian Arts Initiative granting program. The public and press are welcome to attend.

2014 is the Year of Rural Art!
Since January the Wisconsin Arts Board has been partnering with Arts Wisconsin (AW) to focus on the rural arts scene in Wisconsin via a Facebook Page created by AW.

Just Released: Our Strategic Plan
We're delighted to share our 2015-17 Strategic Plan, adopted at the Arts Board's May 16, 2014 meeting. This plan was developed to further our mission by serving as a road map for our agency over the next three years. Thank you to all who attended our town meetings, and who contributed to the development of this plan at those meetings, via email or phone conversations, or in smaller focus groups. We look forward to implementing this guide for our work with Wisconsin's culture, its creativity, its communities, and its commerce. The artists, arts and cultural organizations, and the creative industries with whom/which we connected through this process have provided additional inspiration and renewed gratitude for the important work in which we are all engaged.



Happy 40th Anniversary Wisconsin Arts Board!

On August 2, 1973, then Governor Patrick Lucey signed legislation that brought the Wisconsin Arts Board into existence.  On this our 40th anniversary we look back with thanks to all that made this work possible.

The Wisconsin Arts Board wishes to thank:

  • The artists, creatives, and tradition bearers whose work is the reason we exist.
  • The Wisconsin arts and community organizations with which we partner to deliver programs and services that the citizens value. 
  • The citizens of the State of Wisconsin, and their elected representatives in the Governorís office and legislature, for their investment in our work.
  • The arts teachers, who inspire our children to be creative, to think critically, and to express themselves through the arts.
  • The National Endowment for the Arts, our most enduring and critical partner.
  • The many citizens who have served as members of the Wisconsin Arts Board, who have traveled from all corners of the state to lend their expertise to the stateís policy and planning for the arts.
  • The many people who have served on our peer panels, offering their time, professional expertise, and funding recommendations to the Board.
  • The Arts Boardís professional staff who have put in countless hours and have driven many miles to offer their technical assistance, information, and support.

We will celebrate our 40th Anniversary throughout 2013-14.  Watch for events to be scheduled and new pieces to be added to the anniversary section of our web site.  We encourage you to share your favorite Arts Board-related stories with us via email, Facebook, and Twitter (or the next time you see us in person!).

Hereís to the next 40 years!